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National Testing & Measures * Dispensary Agent Training Program

Illinois Medical Cannabis and Adult-Use Dispensary Agent

Modules include Dispensary Access; Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program Overview; Illinois Adult Use Overview; Health and Safety; Laws and Regulations/DUI; Lawful Sales; Quantity Limitations; Identification Verification; Safe Storage of Cannabis; Inventory Tracking Compliance; Waste Handling/Disposal; Records Maintenance; Security and Surveillance Requirements; Inspections by Regulatory and Licensing Authorities; Privacy; Packaging and Labeling.

Knowledge Checks

There are a total of 52 Knowledge Check Questions throughout the course. Knowledge check questions will appear after several sections of the course. You must correctly answer each knowledge check question to move on to the next section. If all questions are not answered correctly, review the previous sections and complete the knowledge check until all subjects of the sections are correctly answered in the knowledge check.  A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the course material review and all questions are answered correctly.

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